Apr 15, 2009

following my baby

When I was pregnant with my son, my experienced mommy friends kept stressing to me how important it would be to keep track of my baby's schedule specially during the first few months. They said once I was aware of his habits and personal routine I would be able to notice right away when something was wrong. Besides, I'd also be able to plan my day around his routine and feel more in control. But the moment I realized I'd really need some kind of "tracking sheet" was when I started to learn more about breastfeeding. When you breastfeed you never know how much milk the baby is taking so you need to time each feed. Plus, you also have to remember the breast from which the baby last fed. It's nearly impossible to keep track of all that without notes, while dealing with the overwhelmness of caring for a newborn.

So I designed the first baby tracker two years ago when I was still pregnant. I wanted my notes to be easy to carry around and organize so I decided to use a binder. I wanted them to be as clear and organized as possible so I did an info table. Finally, I wanted my notes to be not only practical but also beautiful so I designed them to reflect all the sweetness and happiness a new baby brings to our life.

The baby tracker was a life saver for me and I still use it to keep track of his day when I leave him with the sitter. It also became a traditional present to give for my mom-to-be friends. I just print a few months worth of it, put them in a beautiful binder (sometimes I make a pretty cover with the baby's name on it) and there it is, the present they all look forward to get.

This week I sold the first Baby Tracker at my Etsy shop to a sweet first time mother. It was a girly version of it (shown above) . I'm really happy it'll bring a little peace of mind to one more new-mom :)


following my baby - baby tracker

Apr 14, 2009

the hidden seed

I found this great blog yesterday and wanted to share it with you. I've been a silent fan of Elsita's talented work and warm personality for a while now. I first visited her new blog thinking it was a just a blog about style (that's how she presents it) but it's a lot more than that. This blog is about discovering (or rediscovering) who you are. It's about getting in touch with yourself and finding strength and self value. The hidden seed is an inspiring and generous site. Check the story behind the blog to know more.

The hidden seed

Apr 13, 2009

new items

Last week after a "creative spree" I uploaded five more printable sets to my Etsy store. The love birds are my favorite. Still loving red over white...

1 - all we need is love
2 - my birds bring you balloons
3 - spring bouquet
4 - spring owls
5 - thank you with red roses

Apr 9, 2009

tell me about the excitement of the first sale

Last week I started a thread on the Etsy forums about the excitement of the first sale.
I thought that, during these hard economic times, would be a good thing for all of us to remember that proud and hopeful spirit that fills us when we first meet someone that relates to our art enough to pay for it.
Many fellow Etsyans stopped by to share their memories and I decided to pick a few ones to share with you:

"I thought my goodness I CAN really do this! I was a little unsure...new to the Internet & etsy. I was so over the moon-I felt somehow validated. Like my hard work wasn't in vain and all was right with the world!!!"

"I remember when I had my first sale back in February, I was sooo excited, all day I couldn't think about nothing else and there was this little girl dancing around my brains all day;-), singing 'yes yes yes yes yes yes yesssssss!' And it's not like I'm not used to selling, I sell my work since 4 years, but selling online to people on the other side of the world, wow that's sure exciting!! And I feel the same excitement every time I've sold something. It's just the feeling that someone so far away actually likes your work, and trusts you, and is happy with her purchase! That's giving me such a wonderful feeling!"

"My first sale was last night. I was on the forums answering a thread and we were discussing being newbies. The other person said, "Congrats on you first sale"- I was so confused, I thought something would pop up on my store page when I had a sale. So I went to my store but then I didn't know how to see where it was or what sold. I posted a thread and everyone was so nice and helped me figure it out! haha- nevertheless, it was a huge rush and it was hard to sleep last night b/c I was so excited!"

"What a feeling....unforgettable!
Oh yes...it was my mother!!!"

Thank you to everyone that answered to the thread and good luck to us all!


Apr 6, 2009

aquarium of the pacific

We took Noah to the Aquarium of the Pacific at Long Beach this Sunday. He was just in awe looking at all those different animals and plants moving inside the water walls around him. We ended up having as much fun as he did. The Aquarium of the Pacific is one of the biggest aquariums in the country and it's open almost every day of the year. They also give you a $5 discount on the adult tickets if you buy them online.

Aquarium of the Pacific

my first sale!

I had first sale this weekend! The buyer is Tímea, a very sweet woman from Hungary. She bought my most hearted item, the Flower Bird stationery set. It's so exciting to make your first sale! I'll always remember it. Thank you Tímea, and enjoy your cards!

Flower Bird stationery set


Finally I did it! I opened my Etsy shop. Not exactly the best time to start a business endeavor but it's something I've been planing to do for a long time (like this blog). My favorite item is the personalized birth announcement. I made the blue blanket baby above when I was pregnant with my son, to use on his website. It was exactly how I pictured him...happy, cute and with stars in his eyes as a promise of a bright future. It ended up becoming his "logo" and my friends even used it on my baby shower invites and cake. For the store I did many different variations and accessories that parents can combine to make a unique illustration with their baby's look and feel.

Snuggly Baby - personalized birth announcement